19 May 2019 | Jane Shaw

Women's restoration and retreat day

Retreat day of meditation and reflection for women

Elmfield, Gilford, Co. Down

This women's retreat day is designed for anyone wanting time out from daily life, to slow down, relfect and learn some mediation and relaxation techniques. The style of meditation taught is suitable for everyone, focusing on simple awareness of the body. By becoming aware of the breath and subtle sensations in our body, our mind is given a break from its busy thinking which allows our nervous system to better regulate. This means we are more resilient to daily stresses and pressures whether from family or work.

This is a day to step out of your busy lives so you can take time to restore yourself.   

The day will be held at Elmfield, a stunning estate on the banks of the river Bann. With 50 acres of landscaped grounds it is a sanctuary of peace and calm. The day will be facilated by Jane Shaw who will guide you through a series of meditation practices and treat you to a delicious but healthy lunch, sourced from local organic produce. 

  • Guided meditations
  • Enjoy periods of silence for reflection
  • Relax in tranquil beautiful natural surroundings
  • Walking meditation among the daffodils
  • TIme for journaling and reflection

Call Jane for more information or to book a place email jane@janeeshaw.com or call 07974 159460.

£75 for the day. Includes all refreshments, lunch and homemade treats.

10.30am to 4pm